How It Works

People seeking domestic staff often try to do all that they can to ensure themselves that the people they hire are trustworthy and capable enough. They conduct interviews, background checks and the like. When working with household and domestic staffing agencies, however, their tasks are lessened to a significant degree. The agency does all the necessary background checks and first round of screenings of the household and domestic staff applicants, and can offer a more thorough screening process compared to what even the most diligent individual can.


In-Depth Screening Process

Our household and domestic staffing agency was created to help people find job opportunities and also to help parents look for nannies, nurses, housekeepers, companions, etc. Firstly, we screen any individual that enlists in our agency. Our initial screenings often involve optional background checks, working history and reference checks. Once the individual passes a thorough screening, only then do we recommend them to our clients as a new hire.

We Assess Your Family's Needs

When an employer contacts us for their needs, be it a nanny, a companion, a housekeeper, or perhaps a nurse aide, we collect all the necessary information that will help us in providing you with the best service. This can include the area in question, whether it is a live-in or live-out position, and how old your kids are if it’s a nanny you’re seeking. We also ask you about your specific requirements, such as if you need someone who knows how to drive, and also the certification requirement.



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Nurses Aides


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