A private household professional chauffeur is smart, well-presented and discreet. In addition to driving duties, a private chauffeur may be engaged to take care of the personal security of their employer and his/her family. Hiring a private chauffeur is one of the best decisions an individual or a family can make.

Duties of a private Chauffeur:

A private chauffeur handles the driving while you make phone calls or do other work related tasks. He also drives you or your family to social events, to the airport, and to meetings. He can drop off and pick up your children to and from school, after school activities, and play dates. Chauffeurs also have the responsibility of keeping up with the employer’s vehicle maintenance and, if necessary, scheduling service appointments. He can run home or work related errands, such as picking up or delivering packages or documents. Most chauffeurs must be flexible with their days and hours to accommodate their employer’s activities.

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At All in One Services, we conduct an in-depth interview with every candidate applying for a chauffeur position. We make sure our candidates have a valid driver’s license along with a clean driving record and have knowledge of the area where they will be working, and each candidate has good communication skills. If you are looking for a chauffeur, contact us today and we will find the right candidate that meets your needs.

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